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I, Barry Wolf, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Demonstrate my commitment through actions and words to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Firm, our profession, and broader community. Continue to partner closely with the firm’s Diversity Committee and Taskforce on Women’s Engagement and Retention, as well as our Director of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, to champion initiatives aimed at recruiting, developing, and promoting diverse talent both inside and outside the firm.
  • Connect regularly with diverse constituencies in the firm to listen, support, and take action on their perspectives, experiences, and ideas, including meeting monthly with Black Attorney Advisory boards.
  • Lead by example to be an active participant and voice for DEI. Use my platform as a leader to convey to the partnership the value and importance to the firm of its active support of DEI.
  • Oversee accountability efforts, including firm leader diversity scorecards and diversity related questions on partner report cards.
  • Devote standing agenda item at bimonthly partner presentations for Diversity Committee to communicate the importance of DEI to the business of the firm and highlight concrete actions each partner can take to make a difference.
  • Develop personal mentoring and sponsorship relationships to invest in diverse talent, and encourage other firm leaders and partners to do the same.
  • Dedicate time to recruiting diverse talent at all levels of the firm, including partnering with Black associates on law school recruiting efforts.
  • Continue to meet regularly with the Chief Talent Officer and Director of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to ensure there is a robust pipeline of diverse talent for counsel, partner, and leadership positions.

Organizational Commitment

  • Promote Diversity in the Day to Day to embed inclusion in everyday habits through a year-long communications campaign with intranet site, presentations, training programs, and targeted monthly communications.
  • Convey value of time spent engaging in DEI, mentoring, and recruiting by promoting and measuring “Firm Citizenship” hours.
  • Focus on DEI for our professional staff, including increasing diversity at the senior levels of our professional staff through hiring, development, and promotions.
  • Continue to provide mandatory annual DEI training with targeted skill-building and promote ongoing learning with Racial Justice speaker series and other firmwide educational programs.
  • Implement Racial Justice and Equity initiative, a multi-faceted effort to promote Black and other attorneys of color, and measure progress and solicit feedback to refine and build on efforts.
  • Develop mentorship and sponsorship programs as well as strong affinity groups and retreats to help create opportunities for diverse attorneys to advance at the firm.
  • Invest in the careers of our diverse attorneys through internal and external leadership and career development programs.
  • Promote skill building of management across difference in partners and senior associates.
  • Continue to champion the examination and improvement of our policies and practices to ensure the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are systematically embedded into all the ways in which we run our business.
  • Provide visibility internally and externally of our phenomenal diverse talent, such as with Women Leaders and Black Partner microsites.