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I, Amy Wilson, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • As a leader, I will use my voice at Dow, in the legal community, and the places Dow employees live and work to advocate for and amplify inclusion, diversity, and equity for all.
  • As a sponsor, I will support and encourage legal department members to actively participate in Employee Resource Groups not as an extracurricular activity, but as a core portion of their employee role and experience. I will also urge everyone on the Dow team to become an active and vocal ally, especially to those who may have different backgrounds and experiences, so that every voice is heard and valued at our Company.
  • As a coach, I will build accountability structures for my direct reports and all Dow legal people leaders to have meaningful and impactful inclusion, diversity, and equity related goals. I will work alongside the Legal Inclusion Team to build and sustain a department where everyone feels as though they belong.
  • As an individual, I will personally continue to learn and grow, challenge my own biases, be a strong ally, and advocate for my friends, colleagues, and community.

Organizational Commitment

  • As a General Counsel, I will, individually and in partnership with other General Counsels and law firm leaders, promote efforts to drive systemic change in the legal profession. This includes seeking opportunities for internal and external partnerships to promote and offer sponsorships and mentoring.
  • As an organizational leader, I will engage in thoughtful recruitment, development, and succession planning that includes diverse candidates, inclusive language, and equitable evaluation.
  • As a client, I will ensure that the Dow legal team is equipped to hold outside law firms accountable to our metrics related to staffing matters with underrepresented groups not only as participants in our matters, but also in leadership and impact roles.
  • As Corporate Secretary, I will continue to support Dow’s Board of Directors in helping to foster a more inclusive and innovative corporate culture.