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I, Peter J. Walsh Jr., personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • As Chair of the Firm, I will work hand-in-hand with the Firm’s Chief Diversity Officer to improve and enhance the Firm’s diversity programs and initiatives, including:
    • Active and regular participation in the LCLD;
    • Meeting with and recognizing our LCLD Fellows, Pathfinders and Alumni
    • Conducting bi-annual firm-wide events and training programs.
  • I will attend the Annual Meeting of the LCLD in an effort to further educate myself about how to promote DEI, particularly in the face of recent challenges on the national level.
  • I will endeavor to attend all meetings of LCLD Delaware and actively promote the participation of the Firm in its activities and events.
  • I will actively mentor, encourage and champion diverse associates and/or counsel in the Firm to attain leadership positions.
  • In assembling teams for large matters, I will embrace diversity and look for opportunities to build diverse teams that can serve our clients well.
  • I will continue to make an annual contribution to Delaware’s Combined Campaign for Justice, which provides operating support for Delaware’s three civil legal aid organizations.

Organizational Commitment

  • As part of our commitment to continue to build an inclusive culture for all employees, engage with a company dedicated to collecting feedback, insights and opinions from employees and create action plans to drive positive change.
  • Continue to review, assess, evaluate and improve all of the firm’s systems and practices to minimize bias and create more opportunities for all employees to experience professional growth and success.  We will pay special attention to work assignments and allocation and emphasize the importance of providing timely constructive feedback.
  • Review our hiring practices to minimize bias and ensure that we consider a diverse slate of candidates for all positions.
  • Act on our commitment to be an advocate for racial justice by working with our partners in the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance, Community Legal Aid and Delaware Volunteer Legal Services.
  • Partner with the Delaware Law Related Education Center to conduct law-related workshops at area schools and colleges as recommended by the Delaware Supreme Court’s Strategic Plan to Improve Diversity in the Delaware Bench and Bar.


  • The firm’s leadership will hold a meeting with the Diversity Committee to establish specific, measurable goals with respect to programming, communication, and professional development and require a semi-annual report and assessment of the firm’s progress towards achieving these goals.