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I, Robert Walat, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my position as Managing Partner of Wolf Greenfield to promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the firm.
  • I will work closely with our D&I Manager and Diversity Committee to progress equity within Wolf Greenfield.
  • I will continue to actively participate in and support DEI initiatives, including Wolf Greenfield’s observation month activities, D&I training, and events supporting diverse organizations.
  • I will meet annually with Wolf Greenfield’s LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders to review their experiences within the organization and how we can apply their learnings and recommendations at the firm.
  • I will engage with our Affinity Group leaders, including the leaders of our Allyship, Asian American, First-Generation College Graduates, LGBTQ+, Women’s Leadership Initiative, and Working Parents groups to show my personal commitment to promoting an inclusive firm environment.
  • I will communicate and encourage Shareholders to communicate Wolf Greenfield’s D&I initiatives with clients and explore partnership opportunities.

Organizational Commitment

  • Wolf Greenfield will continue to invest firm resources for diversity training, the Diversity Fellowship Program for summer interns, and affinity group programming to ensure that we meet our D&I goals.
  • Wolf Greenfield will expand recruitment efforts and interview training to help achieve D&I goals of increased women and underrepresented minority attorneys and professional staff.
  • Wolf Greenfield will promote diversity and inclusion in our practice groups by encouraging D&I topics and resources as standing agenda items.
  • Wolf Greenfield Shareholders will continue to record their D&I activities in annual performance reviews and plans and find ways to build on those activities for the next year.
  • Wolf Greenfield will consider the Midsize Mansfield Rule when making leadership appointments.
  • Wolf Greenfield will continue to consider the Midsize Mansfield Rule when staffing pitch meetings and work matters for our clients.
  • Wolf Greenfield will ensure that all D&I initiatives, programs, and resources are accessible to all employees.
  • Wolf Greenfield will continue to strongly encourage firm leaders to actively participate and support our D&I programming.
  • Wolf Greenfield will strive to create and sustain strategic diversity partnerships with clients, diversity organizations, and the community.