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I, Kim Rivera, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my influence, leadership, and resources to publicly advocate for strategies and actions proven to impact diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal and corporate communities.
  • I will continue to share my personal experience, including successes and failures, and seek to learn from the experiences of a diverse range of peers and colleagues with the goal of advancing our collective understanding of diversity and inclusion strategies that work.
  • I will meet with the members and alumni of LCLD programs to learn how LCLD can continue to better advance our collective mission.
  • I will use my resources and influence as a client and business partner to ensure that underrepresented lawyers and businesses are given opportunities and a fair share of OneTrust’s business.

Organizational Commitment

  • I will serve as a thought partner for OneTrust’s CEO, executive team and Board to help our organization be a model for diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.
  • I will use my voice as a DE&I champion to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion at all levels of OneTrust.
  • I will serve as an executive sponsor for OneTrust’s Employee Trust Groups (ETGs).
  • I will help drive equitable pay across OneTrust by ensuring that the organization conducts regular assessments of pay equity and implements actions to ensure equitable outcomes.
  • I will work to help design and incorporate DE&I principles and values into our technology and products to empower our customers to build trust.
  • I will help implement data based, quantifiable strategies to drive equitable recruiting, development, and advancement outcomes at OneTrust.
  • I will develop and implement a Preferred Counsel program that includes diversity as a critical performance metric, with the goal of providing the majority of oneTrust’s business to firms that score well.
  • I will regularly report with transparency D&I goals, initiatives, resources, and results for the legal and trust groups at OneTrust.