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I, Grant Palmer, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Promote the roll-out, implementation, and adoption of our Firm’s DEI strategic plan
  • Engage the leadership of our firm in our DEI efforts
  • Provide monthly metrics to Executive Committee on diversity in the law firm and present reports on diversity metrics and initiatives to the Executive Committee no less than quarterly
  • Continue to serve as an executive mentor in Blank Rome’s BR Belonging program, one of the Firm’s mentorship and sponsorship programs, launched by the Firm’s multicultural affinity group, BR United
  • Obtain feedback from throughout the firm including attorneys and staff on how we are advancing DEI
  • Identify effective tools and/or methods for tracking and monitoring progress; share progress during Town Halls and in other forums
  • Meet with our Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Affinity Groups, and BR Advance Women of Color Leadership Development Cohort to actively support DEI efforts throughout the firm
  • Support programs for sponsorship and allyship through the firm for the advancement of diverse colleagues
  • Attend and encourage colleagues to attend DEI events, training, and programs on a regular basis

Organizational Commitment

  • Support business development and client relationship building for attorneys from historically underrepresented groups
  • Maintain and improve programs to ensure fair allocation of work opportunities and career development for attorneys from historically underrepresented groups
  • Develop enhanced programs in the firm for professional development, support, mentoring and sponsorship of colleagues from historically underrepresented groups to ensure a workplace where everyone can reach their goals
  • Create opportunities for open conversations throughout the law firm about issues impacting colleagues from historically underrepresented groups
  • Provide opportunities for lawyers and professional staff from historically underrepresented groups to advance in leadership
  • Expand recruiting and hiring efforts at every level to increase our hiring of top talent from historically underrepresented groups in our attorney ranks and professional staff