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I, Allison Murdock, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my position, platform and voice to communicate regularly on diversity, equity and inclusion topics and to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are integrated in every major firm decision, including law student and lateral hiring, work allocation, partner promotions, business and client development opportunities, leadership roles, succession planning, and the implementation of firm-wide initiatives and policies.
  • I will convene a joint task force of the Board of Directors and Diversity Committee to study the attrition of lawyers from underrepresented populations and propose specific action items to mitigate attrition rates.
  • I will periodically meet with Employee Resource Group leaders and members to hear about their experiences and perspectives on ways the firm can better support their development and growth.
  • I will advocate for changes in our feedback system to ensure that: 1) all attorneys receive frequent, timely, and concrete feedback; and 2) associates are able to provide feedback regarding the frequency and quality of the feedback they receive from assigning attorneys.
  • I will speak with five General Counsel/LCLD member clients about ways to collaborate to advance the careers of named underrepresented attorneys at Stinson LLP.
  • I will continue to expand my personal knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion topics by actively participating in LCLD and in Stinson’s Allies Network and diversity programs.

Organizational Commitment

  • Stinson LLP will implement strategies to reduce the attrition rate of women lawyers by five percent in three years.
  • Stinson LLP will develop strategies to increase the diversity of its lateral hires by ten percent in five years.
  • Stinson LLP will expand the Work Allocation Monitoring System pilot program to the full firm to ensure that all associates have a clear roadmap of the skills needed to succeed at each stage of their career and to ensure equity in skill development via assignment distribution.
  • Stinson LLP will develop a plan to ensure that underrepresented lawyers are included as part of the succession plans of retiring partners and as part of the attorney team for the firm’s largest clients.
  • Stinson LLP will continue to conduct an annual pay equity analysis of attorney compensation.
  • Stinson LLP will monitor the diversity of our key client teams and work with relationship partners to improve the diversity in staffing and create client engagement opportunities for diverse attorneys working on their matters.
  • Stinson LLP will continue to work on pro bono matters that address systemic racism through our partnership with the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance.