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I, Anne T. Madden, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I personally commit to continuing to serve as a visible, outspoken, passionate leader and advocate for the promotion of Inclusion and Diversity (“I & D”) at all levels of Honeywell.
  • I will sponsor Honeywell’s Diversity Steering Committee with the goal to align our I & D initiatives with our business strategies and provide support to our Company’s Employee Networks, along with Honeywell’s Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Communications, and Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer.
  • I will use my platform as the top legal officer of one of the world’s largest and most respected multinationals to advocate for I & D throughout our profession and our society.
  • I will lead by example by both fostering an inclusive culture within my Honeywell Law and Government Relations (“LGR”) Function, as well as maintaining a diverse team, including a diverse leadership team, by recruiting diverse talent and providing development opportunities for diverse attorneys.
  • I will use internal and external opportunities to communicate Honeywell’s commitment to Inclusion and Diversity.
  • I will work closely with our Honeywell and LGR I & D Councils to take active steps to improve Inclusion and Diversity in our Company, profession, and society.

Organizational Commitment

  • My Honeywell LGR Function will continue to commit Function resources, through a dedicated I & D Council, to ensure that we meet our I & D goals and provide a safe space for our employees to engage in open discussion about, and gain deeper understanding of, Inclusion and Diversity issues while acting as thought leaders and promoters of innovative and contemporary I & D approaches for Honeywell.
  • I will expect my direct reports to take active leadership and working roles on our I & D Council while serving as supportive allies to our Employee Networks and diverse colleagues.
  • I will expect my leaders to be knowledgeable of the I & D contributions of their team members and appropriately recognize those efforts in the performance review and compensation processes.
  • I will encourage and financially support partnerships with external diversity organizations including the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (“LCLD”), the National LGBT Bar Association, Corporate Council Women of Color (“CCWC”), and South Asian Bar Association (“SABA”), who share our commitment to fostering I & D within the legal profession, support our ability to recruit, retain and promote diverse talent through job posting opportunities, and serve as a source for learning about innovative I & D approaches and ideas that we can consider adopting at Honeywell.
  • I will host a future Learning Experience in our new Corporate Headquarters similar to the two Learning Experiences previously hosted by Honeywell.
  • I will continue to nominate 3 to 4 top talent attorneys to the LCLD Fellows Program annually and will continue to host at least 7 LCLD 1L Scholars for summer internship programs through partner law firms.
  • I will meet annually with Honeywell’s LCLD Fellows and Alumni to discuss their experiences with the LCLD Fellows Program and identify ways to improve the Fellows program, our Function’s engagement with LCLD, and seek their ideas on additional ways our Company can promote I & D within Honeywell and the legal profession.
  • I will ensure that my Honeywell LGR Function is diverse at all levels by:
    • Ensuring we begin with a diverse slate for open positions, have diverse interview panels and do not make hiring decisions until we meet both these requirements, unless I personally approve an exception; and
    • Ensuring that hiring managers have a lens for understanding the business need for diversity and are presented with the Company’s video on unconscious bias to remind them to mitigate intentionally their unconscious biases during the hiring process.
  • I will sponsor, mentor, and assist diverse talent to gain visibility to leaders within LGR and across the enterprise and grow professionally through participation in LGR Top Talent presentations, the LCLD Fellows Program, as well as Honeywell executive development programs.

External Law Firm Accountability

  • I will continue to adhere to my ABA 113 Pledge and ensure that my legal team appropriately considers outside law firms’ diversity records when assigning work, including staffing matters with diverse counsel who lead matters, bill significant hours, and are acknowledged and given credit for Honeywell work.
  • I pledge that we will continue to have open and transparent conversations with all our external counsel, including annual meetings between internal Honeywell leaders and external firm management, about the importance of I & D to Honeywell.
  • To that end, I will require each law firm to report metrics every 6 months concerning:  1) diverse lawyers who worked on our matters, 2) the substance of the work performed, 3) the number of hours billed, and 4) whether the lawyers had visibility and exposure to the Honeywell internal legal team and/or business leaders.
  • We will expand our outside counsel staffing focus to consider minority and women-owned firms in order to increase visibility and access to additional talent.
  • We will periodically review staffing of our matters and hold law firms accountable for ensuring that diverse lawyers are mentored, trained, supported and acknowledged for their work.
  • We will encourage (and require if necessary) law firms to have diverse lawyers make CLE presentations to our teams (on substantive matters) so that Honeywell leaders are exposed to talented diverse lawyers.
  • We will reward law firms who make significant strides in promoting I & D, while firms who consistently fail to make improvements will not be similarly rewarded.