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I, Gayle Littleton, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, I personally commit to:

  • Promote an inclusive culture of trust and collaboration in the Exelon Legal Department;
  • Think critically and creatively about how best to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Exelon and to take action accordingly;
  • Hold myself and my leaders accountable for focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring, promotions, engagement activities, and outside-counsel spend;
  • Share my legal skills in underserved communities by participating in and supporting pro bono efforts; and
  • Use my voice and platform to drive progress in our profession and in my department, company, and the communities we serve.

Organizational Commitment

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in my organization, I commit that my organization will work to:

  • Ensure diverse candidates in our hiring slates and hiring panels;
  • Develop our diverse lawyers to prepare them for advancement in the organization;
  • Increase the number of diverse law firms we retain for our legal matters;
  • Use the American Bar Association’s Model Diversity Survey to evaluate our outside law firms and then prioritize the hiring of those law firms that focus successfully on diversity;
  • Insist that our legal matters are staffed with diverse legal teams;
  • Name to Exelon Legal’s Annual Diversity Honor Roll and publicize internally and externally those law firms that successfully prioritize diversity and staff our matters at the highest levels with diverse legal teams;
  • Take steps to develop a diverse legal pipeline, including by sponsoring diverse summer law clerks and fostering mentoring programs for diverse first-year law students;
  • Prioritize and allow time for our employees to participate in pro bono and volunteer opportunities that benefit our communities; and
  • Ensure that, by aligning team values to fostering a diverse pipeline and supporting our communities through pro bono and volunteer efforts, we are not just talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion, but standing up, speaking out, and driving social change.