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I, Sandra Kuzmich, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • To use my voice as Managing Partner to advocate for diversity and inclusion in Haug Partners and across the legal profession.
  • To use my position as Managing Partner to foster and support a work environment that welcomes a diversity of cultures, perspectives, attitudes and ideas.
  • To promote a respectful workplace culture that allows and encourages diverse attorneys to develop professionally.
  • To meet at least quarterly with the firm’s chairs of the Diversity Committee, Associates Committee and Pro Bono Committee to encourage and ensure the implementation of initiatives aimed at mentoring and retaining diverse talent.
  • To participate in the firm’s recruitment efforts, with a focus on recruiting candidates committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Organizational Commitment

  • Hire, mentor, retain, and promote candidates at all levels of the firm, who contribute a diversity of cultures, perspectives, attitudes and ideas.
  • Ensure that all attorneys and staff have access to professional. development opportunities.
  • Continue to maintain Mansfield Rule Certification.
  • Continue our 1L Diversity Fellowship Program.
  • Continue our 2L Diversity Fellowship Program.
  • Actively support attorneys at Haug Partners participating in the LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder programs.
  • Continue to sponsor participation in the Federal Circuit Bar Association Global Fellows program to develop the next generation of leaders in the intellectual property community.
  • Continue to sponsor externships for undergraduate women through the Reilly Program at the BOLD Center at Douglass for Advancing Women’s Professional Development.
  • Develop programming and initiatives that focus on diversity and inclusion for our professional staff.
  • Respect diverse heritages, cultures, and religious practices.