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I, Christa D’Alimonte, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my voice as a leader at ViacomCBS/Paramount and in the legal profession to advocate for diversity, equity & inclusion with ViacomCBS/Paramount, my department and the legal profession as a whole.
  • I will host an annual LCLD Learning Experience and have follow up conversations with at least two Fellows in attendance.
  • I will meet at least twice a year with our Fellows, Pathfinders and Alumni to discuss their experiences within our organization, and request each of them to recommend something we could do better.
  • I will meet at least quarterly with the chairs of my department’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and Subcommittees to discuss ongoing initiatives
  • In support of our policy requiring a diverse slate, I will review and approve the hiring of every lawyer in the department.
  • I will meet with at least 3 of our most significant law firms each year to discuss ViacomCBS’s and my personal commitment to enhancing diversity in the profession and to explore opportunities to partner together to advance the careers of diverse attorneys.

Organizational Commitment

  • We will develop and implement a policy by which our outside law firms will be held accountable for promoting diversity in their ranks and diversity goals for the teams working on our matters.
  • We will develop a mentorship program to ensure all diverse attorneys are mentored.
  • We will mandate diversity & inclusion training for all people managers, including on the topic of inclusive leadership.
  • We will continue to require diverse slates for all open lawyer roles and I will personally review selection process for all such hires.
  • We will support our team member’s continued participation in LCLD and other professional organizations dedicated to promoting diversity in the profession, through financial support and through attendance at/participation in programs.