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I, Dean Cannon, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

I will become a more active leader, supporter, and participant in GR diversity initiatives through the following:

  • I will increase the number of diverse lawyers in firm leadership positions
  • I will appoint a member of each section to manage and report on diversity initiatives within their section
  • I will regularly meet with the firm’s diverse attorneys to exchange ideas, foster increased collaboration, and instill a greater sense of belonging
  • I will establish and participate in an internal mentor program for GR’s diverse attorneys
  • I will provide regular reports on the firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives at monthly director meetings and through regular associate and staff communications
  • I will continue enforcement of GrayRobinson’s “zero tolerance policy” with regard to racism, bias, discrimination, and sexual harassment

Organizational Commitment

  • GR will include, staff, and fund diversity goals and action items in the firm’s strategic and operational plans
  • GR will offer ongoing professional development programs that support our diversity and inclusion goals
  • GR will increase engagement with, and support of, diverse voluntary bar associations
  • GR will add diversity and inclusion training to the firm’s new hire orientation program
  • GR will expand recruiter outreach to place increased emphasis on diverse candidates
  • GR will fund scholarships to support the education of students with diverse backgrounds
  • GR will establish a firmwide diversity supplier program
  • GR will assess and implement industry best practices related to diversity and inclusion
  • GR will seek opportunities to partner with clients on events and programs that actively promote and support diversity