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I, Carlos Brown, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will champion diversity and inclusion by leading by example. My current leadership team consist of six individuals, three of whom are women and two of whom are African American. I will endeavor to maintain at least 50 plus percent diverse representation on my leadership team, including at least 25 percent racial and ethnic representation.
  • I commit that my succession plan and the succession plans of each of my direct reports and each of their direct reports will maintain at least 50 percent diverse representation, including at least 25 percent racial and ethnic representation.
  • I commit that 50 plus percent of the new hires in our organization will be diverse, which is consistent with our corporate goal and I will actively participate in the recruitment of a talent pool that will ensure that this goal is successful. I will own this goal.
  • I commit that our law department will spend at least 30% of our outside spend with diverse firms or diverse matter responsible attorneys at majority firms and vendors.
  • I commit to identify 3-5 associates at our principle outside law firms and will personally meet with them at least twice per year to provide coaching and mentoring and will insist on their substantial participation in our matters. Further, I will formally inquire with firm leadership twice annually as to their development and prospects for promotion.
  • I will commit to make myself available to diverse talent at every level of Dominion Energy and identify 3-5 individuals that I can mentor and sponsor for inclusion on executive leadership succession plans.
  • I will commit to an annual in person meeting with our outside law firms to review lawyer staffing on our matters. We will establish a goal that 35% of our work be led by or have a billing or relationship responsible partner that is a woman or a person of color.
  • We will support our teams continued participation in Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, the National Bar Association, Women of Color, other minority bar associations and local chapters. We will support the organizations financially and with our attendance at programming in order to support the work of these critical organizations and provide development opportunities for our diverse attorneys and their allies.
  • We will continue to participate in the LCLD 1L program at the level of at least 3 interns per year. We will encourage our principle firms to convert 1L offers into 2L offers and ultimately into permanent offers. We will commit internal resources to supporting these interns throughout their law school careers and after.
  • I commit to champion social justice and diversity and inclusion at Dominion Energy, in our industry and in all other spheres of influence that I may have. I will not just take up the seat at the table that has been set aside for diversity, African Americans or other people of color, I will use my voice, I will say something, I will lead.