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I, Lindsay Beardsell, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Role model and hold myself accountable for inclusive leadership by:
    • Playing an active role in creating an environment where everyone can be themselves, be heard and be seen for who they are.
    • Speaking out and give support where I see injustice.
  • Ensure our Legal, Risk and Compliance team plays a critical role in progressively integrating ED&I into core organisational policies and practices
  • Methodically review and respond to employee engagement survey results, particularly with an identity lens applied, to understand and respond to identity-based trends within our Legal, Risk and Compliance team and our company
  • Recruit, promote and retain talent to foster meaningful diversity in our team
  • In line with the adage, “Rising Tides Lift All the Boats,” collaboratively share best practices with peers across our industry, including the LCLD network and our legal panel, to ensure that we can progress ED&I outcomes further and faster together

Organizational Commitment

  • Commit Tate & Lyle to Diversity Lab’s “Do Something Hard”
  • Develop and scale a policy to hold our outside law firms accountable for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, including commitments (some adapted from Diversity Lab) to:
    • Staff each new matter with teams that have direct access to and regular interactions with Tate & Lyle, consisting of lawyers (associates and partners) who identify as at least 40% women and 30% under-represented minorities by the end of 2023
    • Provide transparency as to how origination, relationship, and matter credit is apportioned on Tate & Lyle matters, or if the firm does not use origination, relationship, and matter credit as a compensation or evaluation metric, how work on Tate & Lyle matters is factored into a firm attorney’s performance evaluation and compensation
    • If concerned about meeting these goals, we will recommend that our partner firms work with minority or women-owned law firms to serve as local counsel
    • We will require bi-annual and annual updates from outside counsel on the above outlined commitments, including but not limited to the demographic diversity of the teams working on our matters
      • If we do not have evidence of material progress in the coming years, firms are subject to being removed from our legal panel
  • Progress our company’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strategy with the explicit goal of ensuring all our employees are seen, heard and valued. Actionable steps to achieving this include:
    • Every member of our Legal, Risk and Compliance team – and every employee in our company – will commit a minimum of 10+ hours to ED&I learning between 2022-2025
    • Dedicate 10% paid time to our Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders to undertake ERG work, with our Black Employee Network proudly established and led by talent within our Legal team
    • Our Legal team will contribute 100 volunteering hours aligned with our purpose, ED&I strategy, and UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • When recruiting into and promoting within our Legal, Risk and Compliance team, we will seek to include candidates that reflect the diversity within our local communities
    • Engage our Legal, Risk and Compliance team in the redesign of a more equitable, inclusive global parental leave policy, ensuring the team also pilots and utilises the new policy going forward