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I, Charles Beall, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will place DEI in the forefront of all my interactions in the firm, in the community, and in my home.
  • I will lead our firm, along with all our partners, to reach the firm commitments listed below.
  • I will listen to ALL employees with equal, undivided attention, which I recognize is something I need to work on every day. To that end, I will meet weekly with my firm’s diverse associates and/or LCLD program participants to hear about their experiences and receive feedback.
  • I will strive to mentor, sponsor and nurture all our attorneys to instill professionalism in everything we do.
  • I will obtain commitment to DEI, both in words and in actions, from all of the members of our firm, by encouraging other leaders within the firm to create their own Leader Pledges.
  • Finally, I will encourage our other partners to continue DEI priorities as leadership of the firm transitions to others.

Organizational Commitment

  • Our firm will include, equally, every qualified candidate in our hiring and retention of all employees, attorneys and staff.
  • We will treat every employee fairly and equally, with respect and appreciation.
  • We will train, mentor, nurture, love and value each other because we are a family.
  • Our diversity will never be taken for granted, nor will it be celebrated as an infrequent or out of the ordinary achievement, because doing the right thing is to be neither celebrated nor taken for granted; rather it is to be expected, valued and revered.
  • We will likewise never cease our efforts to do the right thing.
  • We will work to understand and respect cultural differences and recognize the core holidays associated with all cultures.
  • We will work to acknowledge and overcome unconscious biases within our own minds.
  • We will commit to supporting inclusive pathways to leadership and professional development.
  • We are a small firm with no hiring committees, or committees of any sort, so we will all take personal responsibility to treat everyone with whom we come into contact fairly and equally, with respect and appreciation.
  • We commit to persevering in our efforts to sustain DEI in our firm.