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I, John Arrastía, personally commit to the following:

Continental PLLC is a minority-owned boutique litigation firm founded in 2021, comprised predominately of diverse professionals. As a former LCLD Fellow (2016), firm founder, and Managing Parter, we commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

As Managing Partner of Continental PLLC, I commit to the following:

  • Continue to advocate for woman and minority-owned firms to be considered and included by corporate legal departments when allocating meaningful assignments.
  • Personally introduce, sponsor, and guide attorneys into voluntary bar association groups, including those that focus on diverse professionals.
  • seek out opportunities for the advancement of diverse attorneys, through client contact, courtroom participation, and front-facing assignments.
  • Continue to support pipeline projects for the development of diverse and students from underrepresented communities to attend law school.
  • Mentor and collaborate with diverse attorneys to develop their potential as practitioners and leaders.

Organizational Commitment

  • Maintain and advance a Firm culture that identifies the employment and career advancement for diverse professionals as a core value.
  • Ensure the continued, meaningful involvement of our Firm and our professionals in voluntary bar associations that specifically serve diverse legal professionals.
  • Develop and maintain business referral relationships with diverse firms and professionals.
  • Make every effort to eliminate bias from hiring and retention practices to encourage employment based on skill, capability, character, and shared professional values.