Recognizing the Most Engaged 2023 LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders

LCLD is excited to announce the 2023 Fellows and Pathfinders who have been honored with the inaugural Atlas Award. Designed to commend participants who showed the highest levels of dedication throughout their program, the Atlas Award recognizes Fellows who participated in 10 or more program components and Pathfinders who participated in eight or more program components during their LCLD program year.

In its first year, 67 Fellows and 109 Pathfinders were named Atlas Award winners. We applaud these individuals for their engagement and commitment to the 2023 LCLD Fellows and Pathfinder Programs.

To view the full list of winners, please click the links below:

If you have questions about the Atlas Awards, please contact Fellows Program Director Nichole Velasquez or Senior Manager of Pipeline and Early Career Programs Sarah Alexander.